Peace. Of. Mind.

As a full-service multi-family / residential property management provider, the commodity we sell is service, and we’re very proud of our service ethic. However, we understand that what our clients really want is peace of mind, or as we like to say, Peace. Of. Mind. – and, that’s our specialty!

We Get It.

You made the decision to own investment real estate so you could achieve a level of financial security well into the future. That doesn’t mean you want to be unclogging toilets on New Year’s Eve! It doesn’t mean you want to be knocking on doors to collect delinquent rents! It doesn’t mean you want to be showing units on nights and weekends!

But you realize that all of those tasks must be done in order to achieve your goal. That’s why you give up some of your financial return in exchange for professional property management. You are entrusting someone else to manage your asset in a responsible, progressive manner. It’s more than just task management and data entry. It’s managing one of your investment portfolio’s valuable assets.

That’s why we concentrate on what Solutions Property Management is really all about – providing our clients with Peace. Of. Mind. We’d love to talk to you about the difference Peace. Of. Mind. could mean to you.

We’ll save Peace. Of. Mind. for when we visit. For now, let’s focus on services. Some of the services we provide include:
Tenant Screening: Tenant screening helps ensure that prospective tenants meet the owner-established tenant criteria, which helps minimize legal and administrative expenses from dealing with problem tenants. Screening can include a credit report, criminal history and/or an eviction history. Screening costs can be passed on to prospective tenants through an application fee, or the owner can choose to absorb those costs.

  • Reporting: The devil’s in the details, and we know it! We use Appfolio Property Management software, the industry’s most popular software, to track the details of your property. We’ll customize our reports and reporting frequency to your needs. At a minimum, we provide a Cash Flow Statement, a Balance Sheet, and an Occupancy Report quarterly.A bit of a micro-manager? We’ve got you covered! We can manage a Capital Expenditures schedule and budget, Return on Investment information, your Depreciation Schedule and more. We can provide detailed reports as frequently as monthly, and deliver them via e-mail or whatever works for you.

    Time is money. That’s why we also report results in a graphical fashion so you can get the information you need at a glance.

  • Personnel Management: Does your property have an on-site manager and/or maintenance personnel? Solutions will select them on your behalf, train them, evaluate them, motivate them and help ensure that they are representing your property in the best light possible. We’ll handle the payroll reporting (SUTA, FUTA, FICA, W-9, W-2…and oh yeah, paycheck processing (!)) for you. On-site personnel are part of the extended Solutions family, and we treat them as such; after all, a happy, engaged on-site means happy tenants!
  • Vendor Management: It takes a team to successfully manage a multi-family property, and team-building is one of the things we do best! During our management, we’ll track the vendors who have experience with your property so we maximize any existing warranties and make sure we have the right person on the job when maintenance is required.Sometimes all that’s needed is a handyman. That’s why we maintain contracts with service providers who can troubleshoot and resolve problems that don’t require a licensed professional. It’s all about keeping tenants happy, maintaining your real estate asset, and getting the most bang for your buck!

But wait, there’s more! I’ll admit, we have a bit of the micro-manager in us. OK, I’ll say it – our goal is to have our noses in everything! The micro-manager in us means we have processes in place to deal with challenges in the most efficient, effective way possible. The nosey part of us means we don’t exist behind a desk.

  • We visit your property on a scheduled basis, not just when there’s a problem.
  • We follow up with Tenants after all maintenance visits.
  • We encourage, and listen to, suggestions from Tenants and personnel.
  • We track on-line reviews and comments and respond accordingly.
  • We assist in the creation of a scheduled maintenance budget / schedule.
  • We communicate with Tenants – BEFORE there’s a problem!

We’d love to discuss how we could provide Peace. Of. Mind. for you!

For a full list of our services, contact us at (605) 988-8496 to discuss your property management needs.