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Budgeting Snow Removal

Sioux Falls encountered two snow storms during the month of November, totaling nearly 18 inches of snow. This accumulation has shattered previous records. The weather reports all indicated “snow…snow…snow!!” and nearly all of our snow removal providers were able to keep up with the white fluff.

Budgeting for snow removal is about as easy as guessing how many jelly beans are in that massive masonry jar. Yes, we can compare previous years and analyze the farmer’s almanac, but overall its a real shot in the dark. Budgets for 2016 have been completed since October and the tenants have been notified, so its too late to make any last minute changes.

So what is the answer when we are over budget on snow removal? We need to take a close look at our overall expenses and decide which ones can be leaned down. Some budgets have the flexibility to take on a heavy snow season, but some smaller properties do not.
Overall, saving the owners and the tenants money is the goal and if we succeed then we are doing our job.

Happy Holidays!

Tis’ the season to be thankful and merry!

It has been a busy few months here at SPM. We moved offices, swapped out our property management software, updated our website, implemented many new changes at our commercial and residential properties and had some small company structure changes.

Instead of taking the time to shop on black Friday I thought it was appropriate to say thank you to all our staff, tenants, vendors and property owners. The last two years we have doubled our portfolio and have managed to get through some growing pains, but overall it has been exacting and challenging and we’re looking forward for what is yet to come.

Happy Holidays!